Medición no invasiva del gas intestinal en pacientes con distensión abdominal
Bendezú, Álvaro; Barba, Elisabeth; Accarino, Anna; Quiroga, Sergi; Monclús, Eva; Navazo, Isabel; Azpiroz, Fernando
XXIII Congrés de la Societat Catalana de Digestologia. XIX Curs de Formació en Digestologia, 2014.
Monclús, Eva; Vázquez, Pere-Pau; Navazo, Isabel
Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics -- Theory and Applications, 2014.
Medical doctors are often faced with the problem of selecting anchoring points in 3D space. These points are commonly used for measurement tasks, such as lengths of bones, or dimensions of pathological structures (e.g. tumours). Since previous research indicates that measurement tasks can be usually carried out more efficiently in VR environments than in desktop-based systems, we have concentrated on the development of selection tools for medical models. These models have a set of particularities such as the presence of semi-transparencies, and there is a lack of tools for measurement support for such models in VR environments. Our VR-based interaction technique uses the data to automatically generate candidate anchor points, and it is specially focused on the efficient selection of 3D points in datasets rendered using methods with semi-transparency such as Direct Volume Rendering. We will show that our method is effective, precise, and reduces the time and amount of movements required to set the anchor points as compared with other classical techniques based on clipping planes. We also provide a couple of improvements tailored to reduce the inherent imprecision of 3D devices due to hand vibration, and the flexibility in transfer function selection for anchor point definition.
Bendezú, Á.; Merino, X.; Accarino, A.; Monclús, Eva; Navazo, Isabel; Azpiroz, F.
Gastroenterologia y Hepatologia, 2014.
Gastroenterologia y Hepatologia. Volum 37, Número 3, Págs:135--136.
Distensión abdominal funcional. ¿La causa está en el tórax?
Barba, Elisabeth ; Quiroga, Sergi ; Accarino, Anna; Monclús, Eva; Burri, Emanuel; Navazo, Isabel; Azpiroz, Fernando
XVI reunión nacional de la asociación española de gastroenterología, 2013.
Efficient selection of representative views and navigation paths for volume data exploration
Vázquez, Pere-Pau; Monclús, Eva; Navazo, Isabel
Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences II - Progress and New Challenges, 2012.
The visualization of volumetric datasets, quite common in medical image processing, has started to receive attention from other communities such as scientific and engineering. The main reason is that it allows the scientists to gain important insights into the data. While the datasets are becoming larger and larger, the computational power does not always go hand to hand, because the requirements of using low-end PCs or mobile phones increase. As a consequence, the selection of an optimal viewpoint that improves user comprehension of the datasets is challenged with time consuming trial and error tasks. In order to facilitate the exploration process, informative viewpoints together with camera paths showing representative information on the model can be determined. In this paper we present a method for representative view selection and path construction, together with some accelerations that make this process extremely fast on a modern GPU.
Mecanismo de la distensión abdominal en pacientes con trastorno motor intestinal: respuesta abdomino-torácica a la retención abdominal
Barba, Elisabeth; Quiroga, Sergi; Accarino, Anna; Monclús, Eva; Malagelada, Carolina; Burri, Emanuel; Navazo, Isabel; Malagelada, J.; Azpiroz, Fernando
XX Reunión del Grupo Español de Motilidad Digestiva, 2012.