Neurosurgery Trainer is a prototype for training doctors in neurological operations. Specifically, an operation to practice drainage of the internal ventricles of the brain.

When there is an infection in the brain, a hit, etc ... can produce an excess of the liquid produced by the ventricles, which increases the pressure inside the brain. This liquid should be drained to reduce this pressure. It is a simple operation but the doctor requires a lot of precision and must follow a specific path in order to avoid causing other injuries to the patient.

The prototype uses a robot to simulate the tactile sensations a doctor have during the operation while going through the brain tissue to reach the space where fluid accumulates.

As it is an operation that is inside the brain without being able to see what it does, the prototype does not show the result of the path followed by the inserted cannula to extract the liquid since it is finished.

The results are visualized in 3D, and shows the position of the ventricle and the followed trajectory.