The VIVID 900 3D Scanner employs laser-beam light sectioning technology to scan workpieces using a slit beam. Light reflected from the workpiece is acquired by a CCD camera, and 3D data is then created by triangulation to determine distance information. The laser beam is scanned using a high-precision galvanometric mirror, and 640 × 480 individual points can be measured per scan. Konica Minolta’s unique high-speed image processing chips have been integrated in order to ensure rapid measurement, and this has made it possible to complete measurements in 2.5 seconds (or in as little as 0.3 seconds in FAST mode). In addition to distance data, furthermore, this 3D digitizer can also be used to acquire color image data. Employing a rotating filter to separate the acquired light, the VIVID 900 3D Scanner can create color image data for 640 × 480 points with the same CCD as used for distance data.

A high-precision galvanometric scanner is used together with highly accurate adjustment-chart equipment to ensure high-accuracy calculation of 3D data by the VIVID 910. Furthermore, as a global leader in the field of illuminance meters, luminance meters, and colorimeters, Konica Minolta has put its experience and expertise for measurement devices to full use in the establishment of standard solid charts that are traceable to national standards.

The Artec MHT 3D Scanner is a 3D video camera that captures video, each single frame of which is a three-dimensional image. The scanning process becomes extremely straightforward; simply walk around the object continuously capturing it with the camera from various angles, while the accompanying software auto-matically combines all the scanned frames into a single mesh.

There is no need to place countless markers all over the object to scan it. The software uses unique geometry of the object itself to properly align the captured 3D frames and to fuse them together.